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To promote and develop public transit networks and hubs with alternative sources of energy, rideshares and carpools.

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A Walking Tour Of Montreal’s New REM Train Cars | First Up 05/14/2021

A Walking Tour Of Montreal’s New REM Train Cars | First Up

A Walking Tour Of Montreal’s New REM Train Cars | First Up On this episode of First Up, host Alex Melki give you a walking tour of the all-new REM train cars. The REM is being built from the West Island of Montreal, ...


What will travelling on a Virgin Hyperloop feel like?


Imagine all the great jobs this would create and how good it would be for the climate.


What will travelling on a Virgin Hyperloop feel like?




Nikkei Asia


Brian Herndon - Mouse Made Simple

People Mover Transit Authority


Tech Insider

What is the vision of transportation in your region and country?

Current high-speed bullet trains can bring passengers from Paris to London or Tokyo to Kyoto within 2.5 hours. Hyperloops theoretically could bring passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than 45 minutes.


Solar-powered electric car that ‘never needs charging’ sells out in 24 hours

‘You can park it at work or wherever and go back to it with more energy in the tank than when you left it,’ Aptera founder says 12/03/2020

The Experimental Engine That Could Us Get Anywhere in the World in 2 Hours


STM - Mouvement collectif

Les boîtiers satellites servent à connecter les bus aux chargeurs. Le câble de connexion relie le boîtier au bus et les lumières indiquent l’état de recharge. 11/21/2020

Richard Branson Beats Elon Musk: Virgin Hyperloop Makes History With First Crew Test (Video) A couple of company employees took a ride on the first new form of transportation in more than a century.


Richard Branson

My reaction to seeing Virgin Hyperloop make history as it travelled with two passengers:


MTL Blog


MTL Blog


Réseau express métropolitain - REM

The first REM cars have arrived in Greater Montréal! More pictures and information about this important milestone:


The Future of Transportation: Getting Around In A Post-COVID World

CBINSIGHTS.COM 04/30/2020 04/27/2020

Walt Disney's original E.P.C.O.T film (1966) HD FULL VERSION

“We’re ready to go.”
-Walt Disney (c) 1966 The Walt Disney Company. All Right Reserved. Here is the complete original film from Walt's "Epcot / Florida Film" - a 24 minute preview to EPCOT th... 12/06/2019

The NSW high-tech cameras now detecting mobile phones 104,000 drivers were caught using mobile phones


People Mover Shuttle Express from West Island to Burlington, Vermont USA from $10 CDN per person. .COz2 Rideshare departure at 8:30AM this Saturday from the Holiday Inn & Suites of Pointe-Claire. Limited seating Call or Text NOW (514) 659-5804 to sign-up for our COz2 Rideshares.

[11/20/19]   Ride The Shuttle Express to special events at the Bell Centre with your life experience in Virtual Reality while in our COz2-Rideshare. For more information and to sign-up, contact Daniel La Tour 514-659-5804 Texto 10/19/2019

Netherlands makes trains free on national book day for those who show a book instead of ticket Special book given out as gift to readers during National Book Week is accepted instead of ticket 08/24/2019

In Rome You can Pay Bus & metro tickets by recycling plastic bottles Commuters in Rome who recycle plastic bottles at metro stations can accumulate credits for the purchase of bus and metro tickets through apps on their phones.


Le REM dans/in Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Although questions remain, the new REM light-rail network will hopefully be a blessing for West Island commuters once it opens, says Suzanne Korf.


Le REM dans/in Vaudreuil-Soulanges

“Transit planners are realizing that the old ways don't work,” says Ahmed El-Geneidy, a professor at McGill University’s School of Urban Planning. “If we want to spend billions of dollars on light-rail infrastructure, we need to have people going in both directions throughout the day. And the only way to do that is to have businesses, office space and employment opportunities not just in city centres, but in and around stations all along transit lines.”
Rather than shuttling commuters between bedroom communities and downtown offices, the latest transit-oriented developments, or TODs, are focusing on the dual benefits of consistent transit use and economic development outside major city centres.


Réseau express métropolitain - REM

Congratulations to the teams that helped build the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge—a big engineering challenge and a new symbol for Montréal. The REM will run on the central deck slab starting in 2021!


American Reformers

But are they currently bombing 8 poor countries at the same time ?! 06/01/2019

Launching Gantry for MRT construction Launching Gantry use for bridge construction. visit for more detail



You will not doubt karma`s existence anymore when you read this story of thieves 😂 05/03/2019

Montreal investing $1.7 billion to improve métro system The city says the money will go toward “modernizing and upgrading” infrastructure and improving accessibility.


Greenpeace Canada

This new type of tram has got climate scientists excited 🚊

#CleanAirNow 04/22/2019

World's First Solar Train - Byron Bay Railroad Company | Fully Charged The Byron Bay solar powered train is, as far as I can discover, the first and only 100% electric, 100% solar powered train. Early days but clearly something ... 04/02/2019

REM trains will withstand Montreal winters, planners promise




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